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Cultural Experiences

Kimono Dressing

Kimono-traditional Japanese clothing brings out the beauty of women. Enjoy walking around downtown in a kimono.

Matcha Tea Experience

You can find the heart and soul of Japan through its tea ceremonies. The instructor will teach you how to appreciate the tea ceremony.

 Zen Meditation

Just sit and concentrate on this calm moment of peace. You can experience a 30 minute meditation session at a local temple.

Purification Ceremony

Why not touch the spirit of Japan? This is a deep root of Japanese culture.

Guided Tours

Old Downtown

Old fashioned atmosphere still remains in old downtown. Savor the retro Japan with your honest smile and slow steps.

Visiting a Shrine

Visit a local shrine and walk around downtown where you can learn how local people appreciate traditional customs in their modernized lifestyles.

Rural Excursion

In a quiet and peaceful rural location, traditional Japanese handcrafts are handed down from old generations.

Seafood Capital

What an interesting combination! A city with fresh seafood and manga Ge-Ge-Ge no Kitaro -Japanese monster comic. Let’s share the fun!