Tour Items

1. White walled warehouses
These warehouses were built by merchants in the old times as storage houses for goods. The white plastered walls absorb the moisture from the air during Japan’s humid summer season. There was great wisdom in the traditional Japanese architecture.
2. Old merchant houses
The traditional structures of the old merchant houses are long and narrow. These traditional houses stand alongside modernized ones, which creates a very harmonizing image of the old world with the new.

3. Jizo, Popular Folk Deities
Jizo are popular folk deities, and you can see many stone carvings of these deities, among many other attractions in the historic downtown area of Yonago and along Teramachi Street. Jizo carvings are seen along the roads and streets.

4. An old fashioned penny store
These stores feature the old fashioned penny candy available for all generations. You can buy your favorite retro candy and have a very sweet memory of your trip.

5. Tea ceremony
Why don’t you try powdered green tea served with warm hospitality at a local Japanese tea shop? You can relax your mind.

6. Teramachi Street
Teramachi Street is very unique, with a line of nine temples that stretch on for 400 meters. A casual stroll through Teramachi street beckons you to a richly exotic sensation of Japan. You will be able to touch the heart of Japan through Zazen, Zen meditation offered by the local temples.