What is Yonago?

Welcome to Yonago!

With hot springs, mountains, and the beautiful sea, you will be freed from your normal, everyday cares in our town, Yonago.

Facing the Sea of Japan, Yonago city is located in the western part of Tottori prefecture in the San-in region. San-in has the smallest population in Japan, which adds to its peacefulness. Yonago also includes Mt. Daisen, which is a great tourist spot known for its natural beauty throughout the year. Thanks to the abundant nature, visitors will enjoy both fresh seafood and vegetables in Yonago.

Yonago, a gateway to the San-in region, has traded with China since the old times. It has developed into a hub city of trade and transportation by land and sea. Moreover, Yonago has prospered as a commercial city since its days as a castle town during the Edo period (1603-1867). A stroll around its old downtown will be very interesting for our visitors. The old merchant houses still remain as a part of old downtown and has a row of nine temples on the street, which is one of Japan’s rare sights. Local people still live in this area, making the experience very extraordinary.

Another feature of Yonago is just to relax at our many rural areas and enjoy the unspoiled landscapes. Visitors will enjoy peacefulness and calm.

Yonago is a perfect place for you to enjoy the everyday life of local rural people in Japan. You will experience something unique which can’t be found in the big cities.