About Us

Yonago Goodwill Guide (YGG) provides visitors from overseas with free English guide services and local tours for sightseeing in and around Yonago. Although our services are free of charge, we ask the applicants to pay for their tour guide’s entrance fees, transportation, food and drink, etc.

YGG offers safe and friendly guides for all our visitors and will not conduct tours in any unsafe places. YGG does not offer accident insurance; therefore we encourage all of our visitors to take out their own form of insurance just in case.

Yonago gives visitors a chance to enjoy the delicious seafood and fresh home grown vegetables as well as local refreshing water. One of the highlights of Yonago and its surrounding areas is the beautiful and unspoiled scenery. Visitors have the chance to experience a sense of peacefulness and will be able to enjoy communicating with local people in rural towns. YGG offers visitors the chance to make their experience more memorable as they enjoy the beauty of Yonago.

We are all eager to assist visitors from overseas by offering them warm Omotenashi (Hospitality), and we look forward to welcoming you!

Daisen Nakaumi Oki Ecotourism Association & Yonago Goodwill Guide